The Cannabis Question I Full Documentary I NOVA I PBS

Official Website: | #TheCannabisQuestionAs state-legalized cannabis spreads, NOVA explores its little-known risks and investigates the story of cannabis from the criminalization that has disproportionately harmed communities of color to the latest medical understanding of the What risks does…

How to Self Care: The Ultimate Checklist

Sometimes everything is awful and you’re not That’s This is the ultimate self-care checklist that will help you get through This checklist was created by Eponis Sinope for depression treatment, but it can be used by

‘Terpenes Are What Drive The Therapeutic Benefits Of Cannabis’: Cannabis & Main Podcast

In the latest episode of Civilized’s new podcast ‘Cannabis & Main,’ host Ricardo Baca spoke with JJ O’Brien – Vice President of PAX Era, one of the top cannabis vaporizers on the market Ricardo and JJ discussed the importance…

David Bearman, M.D. Speaks to Medical Marijuana 411 on the Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis

Transcription to follow: There are a group of researchers around the world, that are very interested in the endocannabinoid system, interested in how that works, how it Elger is one of those He and another PHD named Nichol…

Talking the benefits of Cannabis with Silas Howarth

Silas Howarth, MD of the Cannabis Expo joins us from our Cape Town more news, visit: