David Bearman, M.D. Speaks to Medical Marijuana 411 on the Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis

Transcription to follow: There are a group of researchers around the world, that are very interested in the endocannabinoid system, interested in how that works, how it Elger is one of those He and another PHD named Nichol…

CBD Oil and Depression

HempLife Today(tm) – For Those Who Think DifferentlyGet high-quality CBD oil products to treat depression now! mDepression is a common condition that many people experience in modern Depression is more than feeling sad or melancholy over a specific memory…

How Long Does It Take For Vyvanse To Kick In?

How Long Does It Take For Vyvanse To Kick In? Learn more: /#vyvanse #opioidabuse #drugfacts #opioidaddiction

Vyvanse Journey Day #1

Review of my first day on Vyvanse Great stuff!

Difference between Vyvanse and Concerta

#medicalknowledgeonline , what is Vyvanse ?,what is Concerta?,what are the Difference Between Vyvanse and Concerta ? ANATOMY – Topics PHYSIOLOGY – Topics DISEASES – Topics PUBLIC HEALTH- Topics Rx – Topics LABORATORY TEST –…

Talking the benefits of Cannabis with Silas Howarth

Silas Howarth, MD of the Cannabis Expo joins us from our Cape Town more news, visit: