COGNITIVE DISTORTIONS THAT INCREASE ANXIETY & DEPRESSION mental filtering & discounting the definite

TWO COGNITIVE DISTORTIONS THAT CAN GREATLY WORSEN ANXIETY & DEPRESSION SYMPTOMS – MENTAL FILTERING & DISCOUNTING (DISQUALIFYING) THE POSITIVE / COGNITIVE DISTORTION PSYCHOLOGY AND HOW TO REFRAME NEGATIVE THINKING: Cognitive distortions are detrimental thought patterns that put off other folks to gape reality inaccurately. These distorted ideas can contribute to an overall detrimental outlook on the sphere and a depressive or anxious mental relate. This day’s video discusses two explicit cognitive distortions – “mental filtering” and “disqualifying (or discounting) the definite”, providing explicit examples for example the thought direction of moreover providing actionable techniques to alternate these detrimental thought patterns. After we alternate our ideas, we can alternate our lives! I’m hoping you salvage it therapeutic and purposeful!

✧ Bright and changing cognitive distortions is a key notify of cognitive behavioral remedy (CBT). Right here’s a corpulent-dimension video on study the arrangement to exercise CBT as a invent of self-remedy: />
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✧ Nena Lavonne is a licensed existence coach, author, and motivational speaker with a background in developmental and personality psychology who specializes in self building. Nothing brings her extra happiness than serving to others lead extra predominant, completely cheerful, and pleasing lives. Nena also has a weekly podcast known as “Pathways To Happiness” which is on hand on loads of platforms.

✧ If you occur to need extra toughen and feel that your mental wisely being is suffering, in quest of abet from a licensed mental wisely being expert can present extra guidance, toughen, remedy alternate options, and coping techniques. This channel is for informational and leisure functions simplest. Nothing on this channel is supposed to replace remedy. Please know that definite alternate is feasible!

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