GUIDED MEDITATION for Healing Terror, PTSD, Apprehension & Stress

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Here’s a snug guided meditation for therapeutic apprehension, PTSD, fear & stress. (miniature print beneath) Join our team/gaze our products: s

The Meditation involves diaphragmatic respiratory (or belly respiratory) that takes you exact into a aloof recount, after which affirmations for peace and therapeutic will more than seemingly be narrated.

Entails a snug wakeup on the tip of 18 minutes.


We fabricate effortless ideas for anyone to reach a profound sense of deep relaxation, meditation and sleep, without ever having to try. In explicit, we cater to anyone who’s grew to alter into-off by the postulate of “meditation”, but aloof need to reap the broad health advantages, that meditation can lift. We provide this through great quality audio productions, known as ‘guided visualisations’. These consist of sleep talk-downs, meditations, beautiful story imagery and tales.

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