Three Signs Your Mania Is Coming (The Manic Prodrome)


What are the early signs that you’re getting ready to have a manic episode? We call these early signs the prodrome. Being able to detect early signs of a manic episode can be helpful in either preventing the episode or lessening the impact of it.

Bipolar disorder is progressive. The episodes build momentum. The prodrome is the period of milder symptoms that precede the more severe symptoms. This period can be weeks to months. With bipolar disorder you can have a prodromal period before depression as well as before the mania.

The most common prodromal symptoms for mania tend to be an elevated mood, decreased need for sleep and increased activity. These symptoms can build for several weeks before it becomes an out-of-control, manic or hypomanic episode.

In this video, I discuss ways to recognize these early signs.

Video on Bipolar Disorder and Social Rhythm Therapy

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