How To Deal With Health Anxiety and Hypochondria

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This video is long, but it’s packed full of information. Here is a breakdown. I answer the following questions:
What does hypochondria/health anxiety look like?
What’s the difference between hypochondria and generalized anxiety disorder?
How do you get hypochondria?
Why don’t pills work for hypochondria?
What does CBT for hypochondria-health anxiety look like?
What is a self-help version of CBT for hypochondria?

With hypochondriasis, you misinterpret body sensations and assume you have a serious disease, even after you’ve been told you don’t. You may believe that the doctor missed something. You may even believe the anxiety you have will turn into something more serious like dying in your sleep or having a heart attack.

In 2013, the new edition of the diagnostic and statistical manual 5th edition changed the name from hypochondriasis to somatic symptom disorder. Somatic means body. Therefore, it’s a disorder of being over focused on body symptoms and having an illness. People who have this problem, know they have it because they are in a lot of distress.

Self-talk script to use when you are triggered by a body sensation.
I have been checked out by my doctor, my new body symptoms does not mean I really have a medical illness. I have anxiety and this is what I tend to think,. Anxiety makes me believe I have something I don’t. I am not more of a medical expert than the people who have seen and examined lots of sick people. I don’t know what sick people look like, I only know what I look like. I don’t have a point of comparison to know what the illness I’m concerned about really looks like. The internet will not give me a complete picture of what it really looks like to have [fill in the blank with the illness you’re worried about.

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