EMOTIONAL BURNOUT – 6 recovery strategies that work / how to cope when you are emotionally exhausted

How to Recover from Emotional Burnout & Cope with Emotional Exhaustion: Dealing with feeling emotionally exhausted and burnt out can make you feel drained, and both mentally and physically depleted. This video offers 6 strategies for recovering from burnout and how to cope during the process.

This video is inspired by the Psych2Go Video “7 Signs You’re Emotionally Burnt Out” which shares the warning signs associated with Emotional Burnout. You can watch the video here: and visit their channel by clicking this link: /

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Nena Lavonne is a certified life coach, author, and motivational speaker that specializes in personal development. Nothing brings her more happiness than helping others lead more meaningful, joyful, and fulfilling lives. Nena also has a weekly podcast called “Pathways To Happiness” which is available on multiple platforms.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this video is in no way intended to replace advice, diagnosis, or treatment by a qualified physician. Please consult your doctor or a listened mental health professional for support and treatment for anxiety or any other mental heath concern.

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