‘Terpenes Are What Drive The Therapeutic Benefits Of Cannabis’: Cannabis & Main Podcast

In the latest episode of Civilized’s new podcast ‘Cannabis & Main,’ host Ricardo Baca spoke with JJ O’Brien – Vice President of PAX Era, one of the top cannabis vaporizers on the market today. Ricardo and JJ discussed the importance of user experience, cannabis tech and the PAX Era’s goal of letting consumers fine-tune their seshes down to the precise temperature they prefer for vaping.

Check out the full podcast below or download it for free through iTunes, Spotify or Stitcher.
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‘Cannabis & Main’ is a Civilized podcast. Our executive producers are Ricardo and Derek Riedle. Our producers are Vince Chandler and Katie Labrie. We are hosted by Ricardo and directed by Vince Chandler. Follow us online at Civilized.life. Thank you for University of Pennsylvania professor Marcel Bonn-Miller for joining us on this episode of ‘Cannabis & Main.’

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